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Announcing the 2015 Spring Vintage Tour

Friday, December 12th, 2014

French lessons

I’m so excited about the upcoming tour!  Alert to fans of vintage, there are still a few spots available on our bi-annual vintage shopping tour of Provence.  May 13 -19, 2015.  Join us for an experience of a lifetime!  Email for more info,

Corey Amaro Covets My Coat

Friday, December 5th, 2014
Photo Source: Corey Amaro Tongue in Cheek

Photo Source: Corey Amaro Tongue in Cheek


Spotting Tongue in Cheek blogger Corey Amaro at a flea market in France has a little “celebrity sighting” feel to it. When you see Corey and French Husband seeking treasure in the same aisles you’re combing through, you know you’re in the right market.

On a very blustery day this fall my possie (i.e. vintage shopping tour group) and I were scouring the Carpentras brocante, north of Avignon. This was a return journey for the group, so instead of an Isle sur la Sorgue repeat, we went to the more authentic/less pricey Carpentras market on the all-important Sunday. (Sunday is the biggest day of the week for vintage hunting in Provence, so you want to be sure to choose your markets right).

Not long after we arrived and quickly dispersed to the tables (near or far, depending on each person’s strategy), one of the gals spotted Corey. The rumor cyber sped through the group and back to me, lickety. I would have found her soon enough. Only the hardiest of vendors and customers were out braving the elements that morning, so you pretty much saw everyone there.

It was great seeing Corey. It had been a couple years since our last group ventured out to her friend’s private sale and a good four years since I’d seen her in a regular market. In fact, just a couple kilometers away. No coats involved – super hot day.


She was fantastic, as always. Lovely to spend just a few minutes with her. And the fun part of running into Corey in a market, the doyenne of the brocante, is figuring out what she’s spotted, what she finds good at the market. Turns out, and I wear it as a badge of honor, she dug my coat. Like, I’d say, coveted it. Feather in my cap, that.

Unfortunately, all I have in pictures is this sorry one with the wind giving my an XXL head and the drape of the coat taking away my shoulders. That’s called Lollipop. O well. And the coat doesn’t look so hot, either. (I swear it’s cute.)

corey me carpentras market

I’m not one to start rumors, but. There may be some more Corey Amaro related treasure hunt opportunities in the future. I’ll make it official, once it truly is, on the blog. Meanwhile, there is still space left on a The Spring 2015 Tour. Email me for the info! We’d love to have you join us!