I need to interupt the trip down Flea Market Lane here to let you know that one of the biggest loto (lottery) wins in European lottery history happened here in tiny Venelles last week. 

15 of our 8,000 villageois pooled together to buy the winning ticket in our little tabac and won 100 million euros.  That’s 147 million dollars, give or take a million depending on the day’s exchange rate.

Rumors are flying left and right about who it is.  Since it was 15 people (as reported on the national news) the candidates would have to work in a larger company or business, which are not that numerous here.   My mischeivous antique dealer buddy Colette told me it was the butchers.  But then the green grocer told me it was the gendarmes. 

Since the news, I have been trying to think of what I would do with my share of it, 10 mill, or even if I won the whole thing myself.  It’s a good exercise, but not that easy to do, actually.  I think I need to meditate on it some more.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon this image and it made me think of my musings.  I’d have to get myself one of these:

I don’t know exactly where this is, but a guess is Italy.  A link to the fellow responsible for getting it online is all I can provide.

So, what would you do with 147 million dollars?