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Life in France

Paris the First Evening

The long-awaited first vintage tour of Paris has begun!  This is a quick pic of the first evening.  We're all in the midst of the Paris frenzy now so not too much time to do a proper post, but I wanted to share some of the beauty. This is the family across from our table celebrating the [...]

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The Barge Trip of 2 years ago and a Little Fastforward

Beaucoup has changed since I wrote this post two years ago, almost to the day.  Im now living most of the year in a little Gold Rush town in Northern California near my father's wineries.  Pascal and I have broken up.  I am still doing my beloved vintage shopping tours in the best sesons to [...]

Pepper Art

In its raw state - not so pretty but enough to give us a neat idea. At a small dinner party at my apartment in Aix, Judy asked for some salt.  Lacking salt and pepper shakers I just poured some on a plate for the table (I'm a stickler for keeping things pretty on the [...]

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French Friends

The Red Shed Girls beat me to the punch (gosh our language is so agressive at times) about some of my favorite French friends.  They did a beautiful post about the Noel's in Aix-en-Provence and Régine, the lace lady in Lourmarin. Their photos rock. Luckily I can add a few of Régine's place for interest.  [...]