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Traveling In & Around France

Dear St. Anthony

I'm a schoolgirl again, at 52.  It's Monday morning and I'm about to start my third week of Italian language school.  It's been surprisingly challenging to learn.  Oh well, I won't be chatting up a storm in Italian any time soon.  So I plod on. There are a lot of "comeback schoolgirls" at my school. [...]

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What’s Tomatoes Got To Do With It?

I'm here!  Wow, already nearly a week in and it's even better in Florence, in Tuscany, than I'd heard about.  It's the Italian equivalent of Provence, my soul region.  My clients have been asking for tours of Italy for years now, so I've dived in to immerse myself so Le Trip can expand into Italy. [...]

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You Asked For It. Italy.

  You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.  Because so many of my tour clients want to go... your wish is my command.  I'm sacrificing my month of April in Florence.  While there I'll be meeting, greeting, drinking, eating and eyeing all the delights of Tuscany that I possibly can for you, [...]

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The Barge Trip of 2 years ago and a Little Fastforward

Beaucoup has changed since I wrote this post two years ago, almost to the day.  Im now living most of the year in a little Gold Rush town in Northern California near my father's wineries.  Pascal and I have broken up.  I am still doing my beloved vintage shopping tours in the best sesons to [...]

Vivent les Partenaires!

Umm - well "I've been busy."  Sorry about that big old 2 1/2 month break.  It's been quite the whirlwind and I've been dying to share the goings-on and the news but there's been too much going on.  I'm back in France.  Have been here three weeks with lots of changes and, then so much [...]

Doors of Nimes

On the way to the car from the bullfight Saturday we walked through streets that made me feel like I was walking through a movie set. I don't know Nimes that well, but it sure is luscious to look at! Here's a crumbly façade that grabbed at my heart. And here's another beauty that leaves [...]


  After our long champagne morning we hit the road for Burgundy, part 2 of the French wine adventure.    Burgundy is about three hours away from the Champagne producing region.  Actually Burgundy is a large region.  It's the prime winemaking region, the Cote d'Or, that's about three hours away.   We had to make [...]

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