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Custom Group Tours

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Project Description

Some of the finest experiences in our journeys have happened because a group of friends or a family decided to embark on a tour made custom for them.  A discovery of this spectacular region with people near-and-dear is the stuff  lifelong memories are made of.

Over the decades, groups of girlfriends, three generations of a family, wine-loving couples, and work colleagues have come here to Provence to live this experience together.  And, without exception, all have expressed that they wouldn’t have done it any other way, that it was a bonding experience, and that they did and saw things that wouldn’t have been possible except by traveling with Le Trip.

When your group travels with us, everything is customized to your liking.  We can bring the budget to what works for you (hire a guide for two or three days, rather than the entire week, to lower the budget), include the cream of the crop sights and activities that appeal most to you, and find the perfect lodging, whether it be a villa in the countryside, a village house, or a swanky city apartment.

You’ve worked hard to go on vacation.  This is the time to relax and fully immerse yourself in the special place you’ve journeyed to.  Put the work of logistics, research, navigation, rental agreements, and all that infrastructure work on a pro.  “Carpe” Provence, carpe this day you’ve been eyeing to experience for years now, and leave the nitty gritty to someone else.

Provence has so much to offer.  If you’re big into horses, let us put together some rides, meetings with locals passionate about horses, and have a horse drawn ride to a picnic in the lavender fields.  Then we can go shopping at a local tack shop so you can bring home some unique gear.  More into history and the French language?  Let’s go have lunch with a local author, well-known for his books about Provencal history.  Then we’ll walk through the narrow side streets of Aix en Provence with an art history professor as she regales us with stories that date back to the Romans.  More of a shopper? A foodie? Or a rock climber?  There’s nothing more fulfilling than being introduced to your counterparts  and to the very special places that are an expression of the local economy and the land.

Groups of up to 25 people can be accommodated, however, our specialty is small groups of 4 – 12.

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