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Custom Day Tours

Custom Day Tours 2016-11-12T09:50:09+00:00

Project Description

Custom day tours are terrific if you want to add a day or more with a local guide to your vacation. You can cherry pick what appeals to you the most and we will create a day perfectly tailored to your tastes and needs. Choose from cooking classes, and off-the-beaten-path vintage shopping, to exceptional dining experiences, and private wine tastings in some of most renowned wine villages of France.  More interested in biking through a vineyard? Boating off the Mediterranean coast?  Hiking in an extraordinarily beautiful spot? Having a private history lesson with local experts?  Taking an art class? How about a surprise picnic set up with silver and table linens in a location that makes you feel like you walked onto a movie set?  All this can be happily set up through Le Trip.

Lifelong memories continue to be created on these custom days, year after year. They appeal to seasoned travelers who want to take advantage of getting the lowdown of the region, as well as to initiate tourists looking for guidance. Contact Jill for rate information, and to see what she can put together for you in Provence.

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