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Food & Wine Tours

Food & Wine Tours 2017-02-02T14:27:48+00:00

Project Description

Welcome to the extraordinary world of food and wine in France!   We are in decade three of giving memorable tours in the iconic vineyards and wineries of France.  And (but of course) the other side of the story is discovering the regional food  that has evolved through time with the local wines.  We’ll find out what goes into a reputation that has circled the globe many times over.

Visiting this land is an adventure that fills the five senses.   A fragrant kitchen, rolling vineyards, a poetically composed dish, a lively fish market with the Mediterranean as your backdrop, with a good dose of fun French banter will draw you into this sparkling universe.  The week-long tour is comprised of a combination of the following: vineyard walks, winery visits with the wine makers, a cheesemaker, a stop at an iconic bakery, a chocolate factory, farms, outdoor market tours, gastronomic shop tours, and a cooking class with a famous, fun-loving chef.  And yet more than that! Ask for our itinerary to know more.

Our classic wine tour is hosted by California wine maker Charles B. Mitchell, and by his daughter, local guide in Provence.  Both are passionate about their fortes: Father is the wine specialist; Daughter is your go-to person for all questions on the region, language and culture.

The current focus is Provence, however, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, and Champagne are also regions we propose.

The focus on these tours is on what delights: great food and wine, making new friends, learning about our destination, and most of all, on having a grand time.  Humor and laughter are what ties everything together on our journeys, and they are guaranteed!

We hope you’ll join us!  Email to read the itinerary or ask any questions you may have.  Our next wine tour runs in Provence,  May 17 – 23, 2017.




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