Welcome to Le Trip

Magical, real, beautiful, luminous, perfumed, vibrant, delicious, historic, cultural , and traditional, Provence is all these things, and mostly, it is the Provencal people. Le Trip offers a day (or more) in the life of this fabulous adventure.

With a little guidance from the locals, you’re in heaven on earth. And with Le Trip, you will come to know the real France, to experience the heartwarming welcome of local artisans, winemakers, and designers – the people who carry on the tradition of excellence here and who assure its continuity. Expect to discover uncommon beauty and charm seldom encountered by visitors.

When traveling in our company, rather than surveying the country from a distance or taking commonplace snapshots, you will be “living” and feeling Provence as the Provencals do. You will dine in their restaurants, drink their wines, their olive oils, pastis, and absinth. You will breathe the pure air of their hills, and take part in their fetes. You will discover privileged places, share in their stories and their culture. Rather than visiting Provence as a tourist, you will know it as a privileged guest.